We assist you in making the right investment choice.


We aim to make investing journey simpler and convenient for you. You will find all the information about transacting and managing your investments. We also offer free of cost Value Added Services to enhance your investing experience.

Flexible, Consistent, Exponential

Our trading partners are leading brokers of Forex and Commodities including Noor Capital in Dubai and ADS Securities in Abu Dhabi.


Fixed Deposit, High Returns

Our fixed-deposit secure investment allows individuals and institutions to generate guaranteed cash flows at pre-established dates.


Futuristic, Exciting, Technology-driven

Over the last decade, our ability to identify Digital Assets investments with significant potential has allowed us to provide investors significant returns in technology-focused selections of Digital Assets.

Variety of Funds

Please be advised that trading in any market carries risk, and trading foreign exchange (“FX”), futures, options, contract for differences (CFDs) and precious metals involve a substantial risk of loss. Leverage or “gearing” creates enhanced risk and loss exposure. Even though risk can be managed, it cannot be eliminated and losses can quickly compound and exceed your initial deposit. You are liable for all losses and debits in your account.
We offer one of the broadest ranges of investment solutions to help investors meet their financial goals. In addition to traditional equity, fixed income, and money market funds, we also manage a diversified portfolio of pension fund, asset allocation, capital preservation and fund of funds schemes.

Investment Journey

Syed Investments is one of the youngest but fastest growing asset management and investing companies in Pakistan. There are many reasons which set us apart and make us the preferred choice of thousands of investors. Join us and be a part of Syed Investments Family.


Our Goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

select right plan

At Syed Investments we encourage you to ensure that you are invested in the fund or combination of funds that best meet your requirements – and to review your fund choice regularly.

Considering the Risk

‘Risk’ denotes future uncertainty about deviance from expected outcome. Whenever you make a decision – in daily life or in investment – you are exposed to an element of risk.

Work with an Advisor

we believe advisors play a vital role in helping individual investors reach their financial goals. Your advisor will identify suitable investment opportunities and help you make well informed investment choices.